The current and previous releases of ODK-X (formerly ODK 2) tools are hosted on GitHub in each tool’s repository.

The tools are generally updated every month, so stay up to date by watching the releases category on the forum.

ODK-X Tables

A mobile data curation Android app that enables users to see previously collected data and make updates using defined workflows. Tables requires ODK-X Services.

Download Tables releases on GitHub

Source Code

ODK-X Survey

A question based data collection Android app that uses a predefined survey specified using the XLSXConverter (part of Application Designer). Survey requires ODK-X Services.

Download Survey releases on GitHub

Source Code

ODK-X Services

An Android app that handles database access, file access, and data synchronization services with an ODK-X Cloud Endpoint.

Download Services releases on GitHub

Source Code

ODK-X Application Designer

A Windows/macOS/Linux design environment that runs in Chrome for creating, customizing, and previewing your forms that will render on Survey.

Download Application Designer releases on GitHub

Source Code

ODK-X Suitcase

A Windows/macOS/Linux tool for synchronizing data from an ODK-X Cloud Endpoint into an exported CSV file.

Download Suitcase releases on GitHub

Source Code

ODK-X Sync Endpoint

Sync Endpoint is a server that enables data to replicated between mobile devices. Sync Endpoint runs in Docker and provides additional micro-services for authentication management. Requires Docker and Swarm.

To build the image run the following command (you could also clone the repository and build it locally):

docker build --pull -t <orgname>/sync_endpoint

For more detailed information and alternative Cloud Endpoints refer to the documentation

The source code for each of the Sync Endpoint services are available in these repositories: